Setting up a Pd/Arduino Capable Pi.

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Steps Download and copy image from to sdcard. ssh to the device expand the file system using raspi-config sudo bash; apt-get update; apt-get dist-upgrade (WAIT AN ETERNATY!!!) apt-get install arduino xrdp Resources

Intermediate Arduino Day 1

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Leading Questions: What do you know? What do you not know? What Would be most helpful for you as an artist? Whiteboard from “what do you know?” (as a bullet list) I/O -> Massage -> Outputs (james) AD -> I/O -> Midi (christiano) Sensors -> Control movement / sound (gail) The Unit is robust/stable (julie)… Read more »

Your Own Protocol (Chapter 7 of Physical Computing)

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Once again find myself in a windowless cube. So I 3d printed a varient of a compact camera gimbal and attached an rpi camera to it.  I needed to set up a serial based protocol to talk to it. Its a pretty good example of creating your own protocol as described in the Physical Computing… Read more »

Two New Continuing Education Courses for the Rainy Season.

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Arduino for Artists. (The class formerly known as Physical Computing for Artists) During the summer break Donald Delmar Davis went to ITP Summer Camp 30 days of more intersection between art and technology than anyone can take in. He is hoping that he can use what he learned to teach more artists about how to… Read more »

Trying to Open Up.

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A while ago I posted an opinion about sharing and the point of openness. It was intended to be focus of conversation and so I took a stance that was controversial and was thoroughly attacked for it. It happens a lot more that we would like. A few months later I overheard Bre Pettis talking… Read more »